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Donna Schmidt, of CJP Health & Well-Being, is a Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist (NCS) in Physical Therapy, and is sub-specialized in Vestibular Rehabilitation for people with dizziness.  Donna has been practicing Physical Therapy since 2001.  She completed her Vestibular Competency through the American Physical Therapy Association (a.k.a the Herdman or Emory Vestibular course) in 2009, and has been a member of the Penn Balance and Dizziness Center rehab team since then.  Donna has also sub-specialized in PT for people with Multiple Sclerosis, and is a previous MS Certified Specialist and MS Partner in Care with the National MS Society.  Donna combines evidence-based practice with compassion and real world experience to provide her clients with excellent care and outcomes.

Falling and Dizziness are not normal parts of Aging, and there is something we can do to help!

What is a Vestibular and Neurologic Physical Therapist?

While most physical therapists receive similar foundational education in college, I have completed additional training, mentorship and certification in specialty areas.  The theories of exercise for orthopedic injuries do not necessarily apply to neurologic and dizziness disorders.  You would not go to an orthopedic surgeon for a stroke, so why wouldn’t you go to a neurologic PT for Multiple Sclerosis?  It is important to find a PT who has experience in treating your unique diagnosis.  If I cannot provide you with the best possible care for your diagnosis, I will tell you up front and do my best to connect you to a reputable provider who can!

A Vestibular PT evaluates and treats people with dizziness and balance disorders related to the inner ear and neurologic system.  I use infrared video goggles, which are the gold standard of care, in order to improve accuracy of assessment and appropriateness of treatment for dizzy patients.

  • Acoustic neuroma
  • Benign positional vertigo (BPV)
  • Central vestibular dysfunction
  • Concussion
  • Dizziness/Vertigo
  • Frequent falls
  • General balance dysfunction / Unsteadiness
  • Meniere’s Disease
  • Migraine Associated  Vertigo
  • Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD)
  • Unilateral or bilateral peripheral vestibular dysfunction


Initial evaluation can be completed within 48 hours of your first request for consultation


Telehealth or in your Home/Yard with CDC recommended safety precautions to protect you and your loved ones from COVID-19.


Evidence-based clinical care combined with years of experience, compassion and empathy.

Physical Therapy Services

Initial consultations are FREE

Vestibular, Balance, Neurologic Rehab


Initial Physical Therapy Evaluation (60 minutes): $100
Physical Therapy Follow-Up Appointment (45 minutes): $75
Prices are same for telehealth and in-person.


Donna Schmidt is a true professional. She is the reason that I drive almost an hour when I need to have my Vertigo ‘fixed".

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I wanted to share a positive with you. I just went for my dress fitting for my daughter’s wedding. I had to stand, feet together, in one place turning slowly, for a little over ½ an hour so the seamstress could pin my dress. Because of the sessions I had with you I was able to do it - and I didn’t fall over onto the seamstress!! … I’ve been recommending Vestibular therapy to everyone with balance issues. It’s made a huge difference and helped give me back my life.

Patient with Dizziness and Imbalance

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